Preliminary Patch 2.1 Changelog*
Changes by Enke:
- Quests and Missions no longer have a timer in between quests.
- Quests/Missions now have a daily limit for how many you can complete in a day.
- Elite targets can now appear in missions/quests granting even greater rewards.
- Quests now give gold based on character level.
- Quests/Missions now have a chance to reward equipment with random stats based on your primary class.
- The amount of time given for missions has been decreased to 15 minutes.
- Static quests now have multiple types. ie: Talking to an npc, killing various mobs, gathering items
- Static quests can now request multiple items instead of just one.
- Completing static quests now uses "quest complete" in the appropriate room.

- Mobs can now have adjustable spawn times.
- New threat system is in for mobs and groups.
- Three tiers of world boss mobs have been added to the game for players level 100. (15 bosses in total)
- Defeating one of these world bosses will give you a currency that you can exchange in the nexus.
- The first group to defeat each boss will have a statue with their names in the room where the boss was located
- Item levels have been introduced for level 100 items.

- HP/Mana/Stamina Regen stats added
- Stat-regen spells now add to their respective stat.
- Wisdom now affects magic crit rate
- Intelligence now affects magic crit damage
- Regen timers lowered to 3 seconds from 5
- Character score screen has been adjusted to show new v2.1 data.

Combat/Game Engine
- Dying no longer creates a corpse. You'll spawn with your gear similar to an arena defeat
- Attack now scales with weapon delay similar to accuracy
- Poison/Dots now have dynamic values that can change based on the stats of those using them
- certain spells/skills can now grant players a damage shield that will absorb hits.
- added an option in prompt to show current damage shield value
- Fixed the colour bleed in damage messages after a mobs name.
- effect duration is now calculated in seconds versus minutes.
- Staves now have their own magic-based auto-attack based on your prime class
- Delay handling is a lot more accurate now when dealing with haste/slow
- Mobs should no longer move when stunned.
- Fixed some minor issues with stun timers
- Fixed an issue with the "you are no longer stunned" message appearing at the incorrect time.
- You can now see the duration of the global cooldown (Also known as the input lag that happens after a skill/spell)
- You can now use any action that doesn't set the global cooldown during the cooldown. ie: chatting in between spells.
- The name of the skill will now show up for individual skill/spell cooldowns.
- Bug Fix: NPCs no longer bypass cooldowns
- The penalty for using healing/damage spells from a secondary class has been lowered
- Bard group buff songs now cap at a maximum of two songs up at once. This can be increased with the bard maestro stance as well as the stance skill rhapsody.
- When casting buffs, the old buff will be overwritten as long as it has a lower duration than the new buff and is of equal/lower strength.

- Mag, Psi and Nec have had their natural wisdom increased.
- Dru, Sha and Cle have had their natural intelligence increased.
- Monks now get an attack bonus when unarmed based on their strength instead of level
- Monks now get an accuracy bonus when unarmed based on their dexterity instead of level
- Monk unarmed base damage is now based on constitution
- Second class monks now receive attack/accuracy bonuses based on stats, though at a lower rate than prime monks.
- Clerics can now only use up to medium armour for balance reasons
- Monks now have access to light armour. You're welcome bros.
- Druids and Shamans now have access to superior healing
- Druids and Shamans damage spells have had their potency increased.

- Dwarf stats have been adjusted to have a bonus of con/str/wis and a penalty to agi/int/cha
- Dwarves no longer have a bonus to stamina. In return, their penalty to mana has been lowered.
- Elders now receive a 10% bonus to their mana regeneration
- Elder HP has been slightly increased.
- Elder Mana has been slightly lowered.
- Elder intelligence has been lowered slightly.
- Elves now receive a 25% bonus to their mana regeneration
- Ghoul damage resistance is now 1/20 instead of 1/8 and is only active versus physical damage
- Ghoul poison damage is based on the player's con score
- Illithid intelligence has been increased slightly.
- Illithid wisdom has been decreased slightly.
- Ogres and Trolls now have slam
- Ogres, Trolls and Demons no longer have a damage reduction.
- Ogres physical damage bonus is now a 5% increase to base damage instead of a flat increase to total damage.
- Ogres dexterity and agility penalty has been increased.
- Orcs now receive a 50% bonus to their stamina regeneration
- Orcs no longer have slam.
- Orc natural HP has been increased and their natural Mana has decreased.
- Pixies no longer have a physical vulnerability
- Pixie racial stats have been adjusted (lowered con)
- Pixie's racial ability swoop has had it's activation rate lowered slightly
- Trolls now receive a 50% bonus to their hit point regeneration
- Troll hit point regeneration now stacks with the skill "fast healing"
- Trolls dexterity penalty has been increased.
- Wraiths no longer have a magical vulnerability
- Wraith racial stats have been adjusted (lowered wis)
- Wraith's racial ability sidestep has had it's activation rate lowered slightly.

- Tithe decay fixed. (Tithe will actually decay correctly now)
- Officers in a clan can now promote regardless of rank. (not above their own rank)
- Clans now only need one member online in order to buy luck.

- The skill "fast healing" now gives a 50% bonus to hit point regeneration
- Failing to cast a spell while silenced no longer gives the player a cooldown
- Flamehand/Frosthand/Chaoshand/Ironfist can now skill up even if you are already affected by them.
- Drain Life line of skills has had their drain calculations redone. INT now has a large effect on hp returned.
- New drain line of spells for necromancers
- Mages now have the iceshield spell.
- Fear now works on enemies above level 100 but loses the ability to stop combat.
- Spirit Strength can no longer summon a goat or randomly fail. That was stupid.
- You can now cast haste / quickfoot in combat.
- the staves and wands skills now affect staff/wand damage in combat.
- staves/wands skills are no longer practice only and will increase via combat.
- inspiration no longer grants magic evasion.
- Various buffs (quite a lot actually) can now be cast in battle.
- Fly, flight and wings of freedom have been removed. Anyone that had these now has levitation.
- There is now a magic evasion check on web, silence and slow
- The dex effect from quick foot and haste now stack. (The actual combat haste does not stack)
- Inspiration no longer grants str/dex. It is now a bard haste song (stacks with regular haste)
- Nocturne of Mortality no longer grants a random crit bonus, it is now a flat 10% damage reduction for the group.
- Ballad of Healing and Carol of Restoration now show the restore values
- Ballad / Carol have had their potency increased slightly.
- Bind wounds now shows the heal amount
- Resolved an issue where haste wasn't properly applying to monks when unarmed.
- Two new bard songs have been added. March of the Devout(wis) and Melody of the Fencer(agi)
- Slow has been replaced by Torpor. Now reduces agi considerably.
- Lethargy has been added to shamans. Weaker version of torpor.
- Cleric damage line of spells have had their potency increased.
- The chance to stun with anatomy knowledge has been slightly lowered.
- Anatomy Knowledge stun duration has been increased from 3 seconds to 5.
- The cooldown for ambush has been increased.
- The cooldown for multiburst has been increased.
- The skill "nerve" now properly applies a cooldown upon failure
- Trip and Stun now show their duration - Also fixed trip not having a delay
- holy strength has had it's effects increased
- pray is now an aoe heal + 10s huge MDEF boost - oGCD 30s recast
- Sanctuary now grants a 20% damage reduction for 10s on the target. 60s cooldown
- Golden aura now grants a 40% damage reduction for 10s on the target. 180s cooldown
- Class based stances have been added. Each class has two that they obtain when they learn the appropriate skill at level 30.

- Maestro Stance: +1 song, +25% defense, -25% song damage
- Skill: Rhapsody - Focusing everything you have into your performing arts, grants an additional song and song effects are buffed. 30s duration - 90s cooldown

- Melodic Stance: +25% song damage, +5% critical hit, +25% evasion, -25% defense, -25% magic defense
- Skill: Mesmerize - Your performance in battle is so bewildering that it leaves your opponent stunned. 12s stun 45s cooldown

- Rabid Stance: +20% Attack Speed, + 10% Critical Chance, -25% Attack Damage, -25% Accuracy
- Skill: Lacerate - Large damage, low accuracy, +15% crit rate buff for 10s. 60s Cooldown

- Feral Stance: -50% Defense, +25% evasion, +25% Damage, -25% Attack Speed +Counter.
- Skill: Maim - cause a large bleed for 30 seconds. 60s cooldown

- Dessication Stance: +50% health recovered from drains, +25% incoming healing magic, +50% def/mdef -50% damage dealt, -50% evasion
- Skill: Shroud - Shrouds the blackguard in darkness, -50% damage for 10s 60s cooldown

- Grim Stance: +25% attack speed with two-handed weapons, +10% critical hit rate, +25% accuracy, +25% critical damage, -50% defense, -50% parry
- Skill: Fatality - Massive damage, if target is under 20% life there is a chance they are killed instantly (only works on npc victims lower than you) 60s cooldown

- Restoration Stance: 50% buff to heals, 10% buff to critical healing rate/healed, 50% defense penalty, 50% penalty to offensive magic, 25% chance of healing magic being aoe.
- Skill: Divine Light - Heals the target for 9999 hp. only available under holy restoration - 85 5m cooldown

- Judgement Stance: 50% buff to melee damage (all melee damage is considered holy damage), 15% buff to critical hit, 50% penalty to healing magic
- Skill: Divine weapon - Auto attacks deal an additional holy magic attack, 10% chance to stun - 30s duration 60s cooldown

- Storm Stance: +5% damage per stack of wrath, +10% critical hit, -50% healing magic, -25% defense
- Skill: Unleash - Massive damage that depends on the number of wrath stacks. Stacks cap at 5. 15s cooldown

- Preservation Stance: +25% healing magic, +Regen to healing magic, -50% Damage
- Skill: Spring of Healing - AoE regen 15s + heal 60s cooldown

- Adept Stance: -50% Damage, +10% magic crit, +25% magic crit damage, +25% evasion
- Skill: Focus - +100% critical hit chance, +100% critical hit damage for 5s 30s cooldown

- Archmage Stance: +25% Intelligence, +50% mana regen, -50% defense, -25% wisdom
- Skill: Efflux - Large damage, random element / effect -> Fire = Burn, Lightning = Stun, Cold = Slow/Lower Evasion. 15s cooldown

- Mountain Stance: +50% Defense, +25% Wisdom, -25% Damage, -25% Speed
- Skill: Endure - Quick strike that deals moderate damage and reduces incoming damage by 25% for 10s. Heals monk for 25% of their max hp - 60s cooldown

- Ocean Stance: +1 combo +25% Accuracy, +5% Critical Chance, +5% attack speed buff/stack (raging current max 5) -25% Damage, -25% Defense
- Skill: Crashing Torrent - Deals heavy damage to the target (damage bonus for RC stacks) and grants a buff giving +20% critical hit for the next 10 seconds 45s cooldown

- Necrosis Stance: -25% damage, -25% defense, +25% health absorbed from lifetap
- Skill: Tomb - Summons an ethereal tomb that saps the targets will and causes massive damage. -25% def/mdef for 10s 30s cooldown

- Lich Stance: +25% damage to dark spells, +50% mana regen, -50% lifetap heal, -50% evasion
- Skill: Oblivion - Enhanced version of black hole, massive aoe dark damage. 20s cooldown

- Crucible Stance: +50% Defense, +50% threat, +25% shield block, -50% evasion, -50% damage
- Skill: Shield Wall - Reduces damage by group 50% for 10s 45s cooldown

- Crusader Stance: +25% damage, +10% critical chance, -25% defense, -25% shield block, -25% magic defense
- Skill: Conquest - Large damage. Heals self on a critical hit. 10s cooldown

- Manipulation Stance: -25% damage +debuff effects to mental spells
- Skill: Respite - Sacrifices mana to restore mana to another target. Cooldown - 60s

- Unstable Stance: +25% spell damage, +50% mana regen, 10% chance of spell failing, -25% defense, -25% evasion
- Skill: Nix - Large concentrated damage causing bleeding damage. - 30s

- Pathfinder Stance: +25% accuracy, +25% critical damage, -50% defense, -25% magic defense +Bleeding damage to strikes
- Skill: Prey - Massive damage, 25% chance to stun, causes bleeding damage for 15s 30s cooldown

- Warden Stance: +50% defense, -25% damage, -10% critical hit chance
- Skill: Sustain - +50% healing received for 15s 45s cooldown

- Assassin Stance: +10% critical chance +25% critical damage, -50% defense, -25% evasion
- Skill: Flank - Large melee damage - If the rogue procs lure prior, skill will initiate an ambush on the target while in combat. 30s cooldown

- Duelist Stance: +25% Evasion, +25% accuracy +25% speed, -50% damage
- Skill: Lunge - A precise strike against an enemy. Increased chance to critical and chance to stun.

- Shielding Stance: All heals grant a shield for 25% of the amount healed but the shaman suffers a 25% damage penalty.
- Skill: Ancient barrier - next heal is converted into a shield for 2x the amount that would have been healed. 30s cooldown (only usable under the effects of spirit shielding) Level:80

- Channeling Stance: Damage spells deal 25% more damage, magic crit damage +25%, healing receives a 50% penalty
- Skill: Dynamism - +25% crit rate/damage full damage on double spells for 15s 60s cooldown Level:50

- Defender Stance: +50% Defense/MDef, +25% hp regen, +50% threat, -50% damage, -50% evasion
- Skill: Guard - Reduces damage by 25% for 15s and absorbs 25% of damage taken 45s cooldown

- Myrmidon Stance: +25% damage, +25% critical damage, -50% threat, -25% defense, -25% accuracy
- Skill: Skirmish tactics - Next hit deals +50% damage - 60s cooldown

*These changes are subject to change as we continue balance testing in preparation for the patch. Nothing in this list is final. There may also be changes/adjustments that haven't yet made it into this list. --Enke

October 2015 2.05 Changelog
Changes by Enke:
- You can no longer recall before finishing the tutorial.
- Your experience chain timer can now be added to prompt using the variable %F
- Your experience chain timer will now display after every kill.
- For experience chains, base bonus exp added is now 0.10%. Each chain level adds 0.01% to the bonus.
- Exp chain bonus now increases based on each chain level instead of different tiers.
- Tithe can now be exchanged for clan housing additions
- The tithe command now shows your personal contribution towards the clan pool.
- Clans now automatically receive tithe equal to 1% of a members experience (this exp is NOT taken from the player)
- Tithe values are on a 1:1 ratio now.
- Resolved an issue with finishing strike setting the character's attack to 0 100% of the time.
- Resolved an issue with NPCs disappearing randomly.

Changes by Ristowe:
- Shop keepers will now list their wares in ascending order by level
- All object commands (get/put/give/drop/list/etc) now respond to object type (weapon/treasure/etc)