Join the game


If you use already have a MUD client, join us by connecting to on port 1234



If not you have several options when playing Dragon's Exodus:


- Connect via Telnet
- Connect via DE Web Client
- Or connect using one of the following clients:
  Mud Term - A Nice little client
  Wintin - The Windows version of Tintin.
  Smud - A nice, free client.
  FireClient - We are in the middle of implementing FireClient's IMP mud protocol which will let us mix pictures and sound in with text. We have the sound working, so whenever someone dies or is hit by lightning, you'll know it.
  Zmud - We are also implementing Zmud's MSP mud protocol.
  RoAClient - RoAClient
  yTin - The yTin client - A pretty good client
- Or you can use your own client


Need help with a fantasy name? Check this link out Fantasy Name Generator for Dragon's Exodus