Patch Notes for version 2.05

Final patch of version 2.0.

Monks received an overhaul with the addition of the new combo system.
Other additions include new healing and damage per second features,
experience chains, new rare seasonal mobs as well as some final bug
fixes and balance adjustments.
- Adjustment: Reduced ambush cooldown to be in line with other damage skills/spells.
- Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where necromancers weren't getting chaos blade.
- Bug Fix: Resolved an issue with animated corpses attacking the necromancer.
- Bug Fix: Resolved an issue with Autoloot +ALL not looting herbs.
- Bug Fix: Resolved an issue with the auction house causing crashes.
- Bug Fix: Resolved a typo in one of the ambush messages.
- Adjustment: Pray duration has been increased. It was far too short before
- Bug Fix: Resolved an issue with combat being able to put you at negative health permanently
- New: Monks martial arts can now be combo'd together.
- Adjustment: Monks had some of their skills lowered in level
- Adjustment: Monks martial arts skills do less damage to compensate for combinations.
- New: The game now tracks your DPS for you. Just check stats to see your highest stats
- New: Monks now receive Blade Palm, a high level skill(non chainable).
- New: HPS is now tracked, check it out in stats. Healing Per Second.(Potions don't count)
- New: Healing spells can now critically heal, potions cannot.
- New: HPS and DPS can now be set on your prompt. Check help prompt for details.
- New: Healing Wards can now critically heal and factor in to the casting clerics HPS.
- Bug Fix: Lizardmen and Tabaxi should no longer receive the claw message on weapons without a damage type set.
- Bug Fix: Staves and Wands should no longer auto-attack.
- Bug Fix: Resolved an issue with NPCs disappearing randomly.
- Bug Fix: Resolved an issue with finishing strike setting the character's attack to 0 100% of the time.
- Adjustment: Get/put/give/drop/list/etc now respond to object type (weapon/treasure/etc)
- Adjustment: Shop keepers will now list their wares in ascending order by level
- Adjustment: Tithe values are on a 1:1 ratio now.
- Adjustment: Clans now automatically receive tithe equal to 10% of a members experience
- Adjustment: The tithe command now shows your personal contribution towards the clan pool.
- New: Tithe can now be exchanged for clan housing additions
- New: Exp chain bonus now increases based on each chain level instead of different tiers.
- New: For experience chains, base bonus exp added is now 0.10%. Each chain level adds 0.01% to the bonus.
- New: Your experience chain timer will now display after every kill.
- New: Your experience chain timer can now be added to prompt using the variable %F
- Adjustment: You can no longer recall before finishing the tutorial.
- New: Autotarget - When enabled, offensive spells will target the first NPC found in the room if there is no target
- Adjustment: When bashing a door open, there is now a 5% chance that you will stumble through to the next room
- Adjustment: Searing Light and Sandblast have had their base damage increased from 1 to 2.
- Adjustment: Quest wait times have been reduced to 5-10 minutes when successfully completed.
- New: Quest mobs now have a chance to spawn a special seasonal boss for chances at loot!
- Adjustment: World boss mobs now give a static amount of exp based on the characters level.
- Adjustment: Quest boss mob max level now varies based on your level.
- Bug Fix: Resolved an issue with claw damage types for Tabaxi Monks. Anatomy Knowledge and Fist Enchants should work properly
- Adjustment: Fist enchants are now calculated based off of level, your current con and magic attack.
- Adjustment: Unarmed combat for monks now scales with their level as well as constitution.
- Bug Fix: You can now add evasion to forged items.
- Adjustment: Monks can now wear up to light armor.
- Adjustment: Clerics can now only wear up to medium armor.
- Adjustment: Legendary stat abilities are now percentage based instead of a flat increase

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