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Humans are the most common race in the world, and make up the majority of adventurers. They are more versatile, being skilled in all classes and are a tough, hardened race, used to a harsh life. Humans average five to six feet in height and are known to have colorings of all types.

Racial Abilities:
- Humans gain a bonus to the amount of experience earned.
- Humans learn spells/skills at a faster rate.
- Humans have a slightly higher chance of receiving build points when they level.

Stat Modification: None

Available Classes: All Classes

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Demons are tough and powerful, ranging from 9-12 feet in height. They have thick dark red skin, massive claws with long nails, razor-sharp teeth and huge muscles that speak of almost unrivalled strength. They are known for a natural tendency towards cruelty. Children of the dark, their red glowing eyes have the power of infravision and can see what is invisible and hidden from lesser beings. Demons learn new things slowly, as they have difficulty keeping their attention focused on anything besides inflicting pain on others. With average dexterity and intelligence, their downfall is their lack of wisdom

Racial Abilities:
- Detect Invisibility.
- Detect Hidden.
- Infravision.
- Poison Immunity (Poisoned Weapons only)

Stat Modification: Con: +4, Wis: -4

Available Classes: Warrior, Psionisist, Shadow-Knight, Necromancer, Werewolf, Mage.

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These dreaded evil creatures were once part of the community of elves that still roam the world's forests. Now these dark elves inhabit black caves and winding tunnels under the earth, where they make dire plans against the races that still walk beneath the sun, on the surface of the green earth. Drow have black skin and pale usually white hair. They are shorter and more slender than humans, seldom reaching more than 5 feet in height. Male drow weigh between 80 and 110 pounds, and females between 95 and 120 pounds. Drow have finely chiseled features, and their fingers and toes are long and delicate. Like all elves, they have higher Dexterity and lower Strength. Drow society is strictly matriarchal. All males are subservient to the females. All other races are considered to be subservient to even the male drow.

Racial Abilities:
- Infravision.
- Drow Fire: Improved Faerie Fire & Incinerate skill attack.
- Globe of Darkness: Creatures of the dark, members of the drow race are able to cloak their surrounding area in complete darkness, cancelling the effects of any nearby lanterns or spells of magical sight.

Stat Modification: Dex: +1, Str: -1

Available Classes: Mage, Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Psionisist, Ranger, Shadow-Knight, Necromancer.

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Dwarves are short and stocky, standing about 4' to 4 1/2' tall and weighing 130-170 pounds. Male dwarves sport long thick well-kept beards that they groom and decorate. Eye color is usually brown or gray. They are powerfully built, with thick arms and legs, ruddy or earth colored skin, dense muscles and rock hard bones. Like the rocks and gems they love to work, they are hard and unyielding. They are courageous, tenacious fighters who normally distrust magic. Stubborn but practical, they are fond of good food and drink. Dwarven mail is much valued, for it is known that when a dwarf forges something, he does it to last a lifetime. Dwarves can see in the dark, gifted as they are with infravision that enables them to find their way easily in the caverns in which they dwell.

Racial Abilities:
- Infravision.
- +25% added to their save vs spell.
- Highest maximum of saving over other races
- Forge: Allows a dwarf to forge specific equipment.

Stat Modification: Con: +2, Int: -2

Available Classes: Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Ranger, Paladin, Shadow-Knight, Werewolf, Monk.

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Very little is known about the background of the Elder. Created at the beginning of time, they are known for their superior wisdom. Physically they resemble Elves and Drow, to whom they are related, though they are somewhat taller. They are very thin, ranging from lanky to ascetic to downright wispy. Coloring is usually pale with skin the color of ivory white-blond hair, and sky blue eyes are frequently seen. Elders have long been suspected of being the favored race of the gods, and it is believed that their power of flight comes from a divine source. Few races equal their gift with the magical arts.

Racial Abilities:
- Elders do not use movement. (They are never too tired to move)
- They naturally 'levitate' in the air at all times.
- Due to their floating nature, they cannot be tripped in combat.
- Spells cost 75% of the normal spell cost.
- Elders regenerate mana twice as fast as normal

Stat Modification: Wis: +3, Int: +1, Str: -3, Dex: -1

Available Classes: Mage, Cleric, Druid, Shadow-Knight, Necromancer, Shaman, Psionisist

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They are hauntingly beautiful people-tall and slender, almost fragile in appearance. Their hair is usually golden or silver, and eyes bright blue, green or lavender. They have fine skin, delicate features, long fingers and pointed ears famous for their sense of hearing. An agile and dexterous people, that are the embodiment of wisdom and knowledge and have an unusual affinity to magic. At home in the forests, close to where their magic lay strongest, elves can tap into the very source of their magical energy, allowing them to regain their inner pools of magic twice as fast. They are skilled with weapons like the sword and bow. Longest living of the races, they tend to surround themselves with things that will bring them joy over long periods of time, such as music and nature, and shun contact with other races. They place great store on friendship and individual freedom.

Racial Abilities:
- Infravision
- Spells cost 75% of the normal spell cost.
- Elves regenerate mana twice as fast as normal.

Stat Modification: Int: +1, Con: -1

Available Classes: Mage, Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Psionisist, Druid, Ranger, Bard, Shadow-Knight, Monk, Shaman.

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Ghouls are undead who feed on the flesh of corpses. Unable to recover life, they drain it from the newly dead by eating their bodies. Standing over 6 feet tall, their skin is pale gray splotched with green torso and limbs are elongated and bone thin. The eyes are red, borne in a distorted hairless skull above a mouth lined with rows of jagged teeth. Their touch is poisonous while they themselves are immune to the influence of poisons and withstand more damage than the living. Ghouls do not have a society of their own, and inherit the characteristics of their original form. Because of their eating habits, most ghouls inhabit heavily populated areas where missing corpses are less likely to be noticed.

Racial Abilities:
- Immunity to poison.
- Damage done to them is reduced by 1/8th.
- They poison enemies with each touch lowering a victim's CON statistic.

Stat Modification: Str: +2, Int: -1, Wis: -1, Dex: -1, Con: +1


[NOTE] Ghouls find food by eating corpses left behind by fallen foes, NOT through conventional means. Ghouls are also considered 'undead' and are treated accordingly.

Available Classes: Warrior, Necromancer, Werewolf, Mage, Shadow-Knight.

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Stout, round and open-minded the Hobbits are among the smallest races of Dragon's Exodus. They have compact bodies and thick, long limbs. Their eye color ranges from blue, brown, green, and any shade in-between. Standing only 3 feet tall, they weigh on average 15 kg. They are a clever, enterprising, adaptable, and extremely resourceful people and what they lack in strength, they make up in agility. Due to their tiny feet protected beneath by patches of thick, short fur, halflings are quick and light on their feet. Even the slowest can sneak without anyone noticing- a trait they have had to learn to survive. They enjoy a comfortable life (a pipe, some good tobacco, a good book and strong ale beside a friendly hearth), but they can be faithful companions. Their endless curiosity and thirst for knowledge combined with their adaptable nature makes them good adventurers.

Racial Abilities:
- Being light in their step, a halfling is always sneaking.
- Their small stature keeps them from being detected.(Halflings can not be seen via the 'where'command.)
- Curious in nature and quick in sight, halflings can use the 'peek' skill as well as any thief.

Stat Modification: Dex: +2, Wis: -2

Available Classes: Cleric, Thief, Druid, Ranger, Shadow-Knight, Werewolf, Shaman, Bard, Warrior.

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The Illithids, also known as Mind-flayers, are a subterranean evil race feared for their extremely powerful mental abilities. They feed on the brain of their victims to replenish themselves, sucking it directly from the body. A non-illithid captured by the species that isn't used for food ends up a slave, mentally dominated by the mind-flayer's powerful mental abilities. The illithid has no equal with spell mental drain casting it fastest and inflicting most damage with it. They stand about 6 feet tall and have a hideous pink skin that glistens with slime. The head resembles an octopus, with white eyes and four tentacles around a round, many-toothed hole of a mouth. Completely absorbed by the mind, they are very frail of body. Mind-flayers communicate with other creatures through telepathy. They are arrogant, and are well known for their cruelty to other races whom they consider a source of food.

Racial Abilities:
- They're able to use the 'mental drain' skill 3 times more frequently.
- They are able to cause more damage with the 'mental drain' skill and receive more mana with each drain.
- Enemies don't get a saving throw vs some spells, so those spells always do full damage vs an attacker.
- Cerebral Syphon: An enhanced version of mental drain.

Stat Modification: Str: -3, Int: +3, Wis: +2, Con: -2

Available Classes: Mage, Cleric, Psionisist, Necromancer.

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Lizardmen are a reptilian race of humanoids that prefer swamps and marshes for their homes. The average lizardman is about 7 feet tall (females are slightly taller), and weighs about 300 pounds. Hard armor- like scales cover the entire body and the tail is partially prehensile. Coloration varies, and is dependant on habitat but the undersides tend to be a lighter shade than the rest of their body. The face is a reptile's snout with teeth or bony ridges. The tongue is forked under which lies a special gland that secretes a poison which when spit on someone renders the victim blind and paralyses the tongue making one incapable of uttering the words needed for casting. Their great bulk and strange leg joints might make them look clumsy, yet they never tire of walking. A savage race, they usually survive by scavenging and raiding other settlements.

Racial Abilities:
- Lizardmen don't use movement points. (They never tire of walking)
- Spit: Utilizing the acidic fluids beneath their tongues, lizardmen are able to excrete a harmful venom often causing temporary blindness or inability to form the words necessary for casting.

Stat Modification: Con: +2, Dex: -2

Available Classes: Warrior, Ranger, Paladin, Shadow-Knight, Werewolf, Shaman, Druid.

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Minotaurs are a race of large creatures that resemble humans with the heads of bulls. They stand over 8 feet tall, weighing from 300 - 400 pounds, with sharp horns rising from the sides of their skulls. Powered by muscular legs, they use the weight behind those horns to deliver maximum damage in a charge, inflicting damage and paralyzing the enemy with one mighty slam of the head. The hide is usually brown, black, or red in color, while their horns range from light brown to black. Their big bodies are a little slower than humans, but they are powerful and tough, like ogres and trolls, but with brains to match their prowess.

Racial Abilities:
- Headbutt: Causes minor damage & has a 10% chance at stunning an opponent.
- An enhanced navigational ability that allows them to see hidden doors.

Stat Modification: Str: +1, Dex: -3, Con: +2

Available Classes: Warrior, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Shadow-Knight, Werewolf, Shaman.

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Ogres are tall, brutish fellows, 6 to 8 feet tall, weighing twice as much as an average human. Their warty skin ranges from leprous gray to a mottled yellow the eyes and teeth are yellowish and they have protruding tusks and heavy eye ridges. The posture is stooping, as though their long arms and big, knobby hands weigh them down. They have a rash temper, but are easily distracted so if you are careful it is easy to avoid conflict with one. However, they more than make up for their lack of intelligence with an incredible strength which, along with their thick hide, makes them worthy opponents indeed. They are known for their belligerence, yet even they often feel a great need to protect the little ones. An ogre is a fierce and loyal companion.

Racial Abilities:
- Ogres naturally have a shield to reduce damage by 1/20th.
- Natural form of enhanced damage. (+1 damage per 10 damage done)

Stat Modification: Str: +3, Int: -3

Available Classes: Cleric, Warrior, Shadow-Knight, Werewolf, Druid, Shaman.

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The newest of the races to rise in prominence in the realms, it has shown considerable military prowess. Usually 6-7 feet tall, they have muscular bodies with great strength. Their skin and eye color varies from gray to brown or green and from yellow to red. Popularly derided as being of poor intellect, they have been shown that they more than make up through rigid discipline and a firm code of honour. The social structure is fairly stratified, with total obedience to their commander expected.

Racial Abilities:
- Damage bonus when grouped.
- Slam, a damaging stun.
- Rear, the ability to retreat without losing any experience.

Stat Modification: Str: + 3, Int: -1, Wis: -2, Dex: -2, Con: +2

Available Classes: Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Shaman, Werewolf.

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Pixies are tiny-the tallest of them standing about one and one-half feet tall. They are weak and frail, but make up for it in quickness. Alone among the races, they have delicate gossamer wings that help them fly. Pixie features resemble that of Elves, and are fair of hair and skin with colors ranging from light reddish hues to pale blonds. Because of their inquisitive nature and mental power, they tend to be tinkerers and pranksters. Despite their eternally youthful exuberance and their good, kindly nature, they are quite closemouthed on their culture and society.

Racial Abilities:
- Pixies naturally have the 'fly' spell on at all times.
- Pixies do not use movement points.
- Can't be tripped due to their flying abilities.
- Pixies are able to evade their foes attacks half the time. (Similar to sidestep)
- However, being fragile they take more damage when hit.

Stat Modification: Dex: +3, Str: -3

Available Classes: Mage, Cleric, Thief, Druid, Shadow-Knight, Shaman, Bard.

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They are as tall as humans, but thinner and more graceful, with a natural grace and agility of a cat. They have human like faces and build, but with pointed cat-like ears, a tail, and retractable claws. Their bodies are covered with a coat of fur, whose thickness and pattern varies ranging from black to yellow some is striped or spotted. Eyes are generally green or yellow and are slit-pupilled. As cats do, they have a natural curiosity and try most things once. However, they have very little patience, and learn higher skills slower. They make good fighters, relying on their strength and stamina. Like all cats, if a tabaxi falls it lands on its feet unless it falls too far. They are gifted with the power of seeing in the dark.

Racial Abilities:
- Feline Agility: Due to their enhanced reflexes, Tabaxis are constantly affected by haste.
- Infravision.
- If a tabaxi falls, it lands on its feet unless it falls too far.
- Being agile and light in their step, Tabaxis are always sneaking.

Stat Modification: Str: +1, Int: -2, Wis: -2, Dex: +2, Con: +1

Available Classes: Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Ranger, Shadow-Knight, Monk, Druid, Shaman.

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Built with the undying stamina of the mountains they reside in, these green skinned beasts grow to obtain a state of health few other races believe possible. They are tough, but also renowned to be as stupid as the stone from which they were crafted by the gods. Their features are thick and coarse, with heavy bushy eyebrows and a dense thatch of hair. Teeth are big and blunt from eating a coarse diet of cave fungi, raw meat and fish. The skin is very thick and resilient and rough to the touch. Most people have difficulty telling troll sexes apart. Awesome warriors, they believe in the principle that 'might is right' and are ready to prove their strength against all opponents, killing things that are edible, rich, fun to bash, or in their way.

Racial Abilities:
- Trolls naturally have a shield to reduce damage by 1/20th.
- Fast Healing: Allows player to regenerate hp five times as fast.
- Intimidate: Allows the user to cause their opponent to flee.

Stat Modification: Int: -2, Wis: -2, Dex: -2, Con: +4, Str: +2

Available Classes: Cleric, Warrior, Shadow-Knight, Werewolf, Shaman.

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As black in soul as the night, known by the races of the realms only as wraiths, these lurkers of the dark are ever present, moving unobserved through the darkness with fluid graceful movement. Apparently humanoid in appearance, they remain but shadows even in the brightest light. Although more naturally suited to be spellcasters, their great dexterity and ability to dodge attacks, combined with the ability to pass through some locked doors, makes them very competent thieves.

Racial Abilities:
- Sidestep: Allows a player to dodge out of the way of an incoming attack.
- Pass Door: Allows a player to pass through some locked doors.
- Wraiths have the ability to see when in a Globe of Darkness.
- However, they take more damage from magic.

Stat Modification: Int: -2, Dex: +2

Available Classes: Mage, Thief, Psionisist, Shadow-Knight, Necromancer.

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