The New Moon

Immortal: Enke


Little is known about The New Moon. It appeared one day out of nowhere, and has stayed ever since, shrouded in mystery and night. The finest mystics and warriors in the realm make up its members, though little is known about them either. Crossing them can be deadly, but helping them can lead to rewards greater than you could ever imagine.

The New Moon does not accept applications, we will approach you should we deem you worthy.



The Circle of Fire

Immortal: Kleothera


We are the burning torch dispelling darkness, intolerance and evil. We are the tiny spark lending warmth to the hearth and the blaze destroying evil in men's hearts. We stand alone- ever vigilant, yet patient, never imposing our opinions on others, yet ever sure in our beliefs. Ours is the path of truth, loyalty and patience.

We lay upon you no rules or obligations, except those that the heart of one dedicated to virtue shall strive for on his own. Inside the hallowed circle of fire, on the island of shimmering mist, you must swear to follow this path of tolerance, swear never to break thy word or fail a brother in the hour of need. The combined strength of the brotherhood shall stand behind you, the ranks of the finest warriors and wizards shall open to accept you under the banner of the flaming torch, standing shoulder to shoulder as brothers, you will find friendship in our midst.




Immortal: Sarell


"... to never relent, until the world is broken apart and remade in Misanthropy's perfect image..."

- excerpt from the Oath of Misanthropy.

Misanthropy seeks nothing less than total dominion of the realms of Icaria. Such a glorious crusade requires the utmost dedication. Hence, we purge our members of all weaknesses such as "mercy" or"compassion" which might cause them to falter.

Weakness or fear, in whatever form they may take, will never be tolerated. The meek shall be slaughtered, not given shelter. Those who do not fend for themselves will not weaken the chain.

We are highly regimented and structured. No misconduct is tolerated from any of our members, lest we become merely another lawless rabble.

Should you have the ambition for power and empire, and the will to act on it, ask to join our ranks. It shall be the most difficult undertaking of your existence- and the most rewarding.



Immortal: Traewyn


We are the protectors of the weak, guided by our hearts and the virtues of Truth, Honor and Justice. Our goal is to end all suffering in the realm, and each member acts as Guardian to those that cannot defend themselves
against the evil that rages in the land.

Harmony is also well known for being a clan of kindness and goodness and prefers to maintain a small close-knit family. For obvious reasons, the following races/professions will not be permitted within our walls: Demons
and Ghouls. We will, however, consider those generally "dark" races/classes that display exceptional role playing abilities. Those without character descriptions and lacking role playing skills will find it harder, though not
impossible, to gain entry.


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